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When God Gives Good Gifts

1529354167480-741x1024.jpegSummer 2018 has just begun, and it’s already one of the best yet. Even though my husband and I, along with our son Elijah and our soon-to-be daughter, Lily Blair, are six months into a faith walk as first generation preachers, pastors, and entrepreneurs, I’ve never felt more alive. At times, I have to pinch myself.

When I wake up, I look around and think, “What the HECK are we doing?! Why did we think that leaving our jobs and pastoring sans paycheck was a good idea?” And every time, a still, small voice reminds me, “This wasn’t your idea–this was mine.”I recently asked my husband, “Do you miss corporate America?”He replied, “Not even a little bit.”That answer alone was so reassuring. While many of my friends are either successful employees in highly-esteemed companies, or seasoned entrepreneurs with six-figure businesses, the six-months-in to full-time ministry and entrepreneurship is somewhat quaint and sweet. I get to dream of what it could be, and I get to see it slowly unfold before me.In the midst of it all, God gives good gifts.He gifts me with peace that passes all understanding. He gifts me with a mentorship program, in which I can pour into women and feel the impact of my obedience firsthand. He gifts me with confidants who would run by me, church or no church, business or no business.He even gifts me with this dress that I’m wearing–a present from a friend, Yvaline, who has no idea how much it means to me. I’ve been wanting another dress to fit my bump, and Yvaline sent me a package that came in today. In the package was a charming pink dress, a Victoria’s Secret lip gloss, and a Burberry perfume. I had been out of lip gloss for months now, wearing only chapstick and lipstick. I didn’t have it in me to buy lip gloss for myself just yet. I don’t remember the last time that I bought perfume for myself.We often think that God doesn’t care about the “little things,” but the package from my friend proves otherwise. I’m not a girl who asks for much, yet God gives good gifts. He even gifts me with the things that I think aren’t worth asking for.Greater than anything, God gifts me with Him. Every other gift only reminds me of His nearness. In season and out of season, throughout each leap of faith, God is there. No gift is greater than knowing that through all of it, we’re not alone.

  1. Husna Kipsoi says:

    Thank you Amanda for this beautiful piece! Such a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us. And you are killing it at what you do. I support and pray for you, Amanda! May you and your family continue to behold the goodness of the Lord in every way! Lots of love ❤

    • amandaapittman@gmail.com says:

      This is SO encouraging. Thank you for taking your time out to read this and leave such a sweet comment.

  2. Bev says:

    Your absolutely beautiful and I love how honest and authentic you are!!! Keep it up! You look fabulous!

  3. Talisha says:

    Thank you Amanda for showing what obedience look like,it’s not always about the big things in our lives, Your transparency have truly blessed me.

  4. Natasha Pruitt says:

    Beautiful post! Sometimes we forget but God reminds us of the simple things in life. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Cathy says:

    I too daily try to remind myslef of the “little things” God does for me. I never ever lack. Thank you for this generous reminder of the providence we have in God.

  6. Diana says:

    He is a God of the small things, just as much as He is a God of the large things. He is so kind! Excited for the season you’re in :).

    • amandaapittman@gmail.com says:

      Thank for being excited with me! You’re right… and the little things add up! He keeps blowing my mind by the various “little” things He does.

  7. Gabrielle says:

    Sweetest post ever. Thank you for your message

  8. Priscilla Sart says:

    Thank you for this beautiful piece, Amanda!! Blessings! ❤

  9. Gladys says:

    Thanks Amanda, I loved reading this piece. What a reminder to always appreciate and recognise God’s gifts! Looking forward for more!God bless you…..

  10. I am LOVING your blog! Thank you for pouring out your wisdom for my growth ❤ 🙂 God doesn’t stop blowing my mind…

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