My name is Amanda Pittman!

I'm a wife, mother, author, speaker and the founder of Confident Woman Co. 

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Inside of each and every one of us is a burning desire to actualize our lives. It’s not the “prosperity gospel,” it’s simply human nature. We want to know what we were made for and why we are here. We desire to have rich experience and live life to the fullest. We want to engineer […]

I’m in a very special season of my life right now. For the first time in my life, I have complete control over my time and money. I’ve been professional student, a professional Elementary Music teacher, and a professional Stay-at-Home-Mom. In each of those instances, I worked, then during my free-time, I would pursue my […]

It’s Sunday morning again—showtime. I’m ready to serve. I belong to three different ministries, so I have leadership meetings to attend, I have rooms to set up, and I have people to talk to. I begin rushing through crowds of church people with a mission in mind—I need to refill the coffee machine for the […]

I wish someone told me how easy it is to go insane as a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM). I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in my new role as… well, pretty much everything. When the responsibility of being a wife, mother and homemaker seems unreasonable under the weight of spiritual dryness, sleep deprivation, body […]

I’m immersed in social media. I have an Instagram, a Twitter, a Facebook, a Facebook page, a website with a personal blog, and a Youtube channel. Through these channels, I share the highlights of my life, I share my opinions, experiences and encouragement. In order to be a successful Youtuber and blogger for the Lord, I’ve […]

My husband and I look back to our wedding with fond memories.We cut costs in many areas and managed to spend less than $9k on our big day, in comparison to the $20k that the average American spends. We are by no means “ballin,’” so paying for quality vendors was hard for us to stomach. […]