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What’s in my Hospital Bag?! (Baby #2)

DSC06815-2-683x1024.jpgDSC06814-683x1024.jpgWith about four weeks left two due date, I’ve been serious about packing my hospital bag! Since this is my second time giving birth, there are some things I want to ensure that I do. This includes packing very strategically for my labor and hospital stay. Having a c-section last time, there are some things I didn’t plan for when it came to comfort. This time around, I’m going to be as prepared as possible so that I can be as comfortable as possible!  I hope that my list is helpful to you! I’ve divided all of my items into three categories: For Mom, For Baby, (mom + baby items packed in same bag) and For Daddy (separate bag). I’ve also linked almost all of the exact products that I’m packing!Enjoy!

For mom: 



Lily Jade Shaylee Camel & Silver Large Diaper Bag

This bag is heaven. Because it’s so large, well-made, and sturdy, I knew that I’d be able to fit both all of my labor + delivery personal items AND all of Lily’s newborn items for the hospital. Since it’s a shoulder bag and a backpack, it’s going to be an easy pick up for my husband as we’re in labor and headed to the hospital. It’s one of the best-quality diaper bags out there… and I don’t get any commission for telling you that! This bag is an investment that will continue to give back postpartum.


Navy Lace Trim Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe

I’m probably going to live in the robe while at the hospital during labor and delivery. I 

wanted something that’s fairly presentable around guests that I could also easily slip on and off for breastfeeding and any general hospital needs. After having a c-section with my first child, I learned quickly how often you need to strip down and how difficult undressing can be when you’re recovering. Not only that, but the robe is great for breastfeeding and it’s super soft!

Water + Snacks:

Larabar Gluten Free Bar, Carrot Cake,

You get SO HUNGRY during labor, and it’s often hard to eat. So having quick snacks and water is a MUST. I remember being so exhausted after laboring for 3 days and feeling so out of energy. I wish I packed snacks last time! I’ll be bringing 6 Carrot Cake Larabars and a few bottles of water!

Listerine Strips + chapstick:

Listerine Freshburst Pocketpaks Breath Strips,

When you’re in labor and postpartum, your breath gets HOT. If you don’t want to kill your husband, these are a MUST. Your lips also get chapped, so I recommend a peppermint chapstick that can feel refreshing amidst the heat of labor. 


Fuzzy grippy socks

(2 pairs), comfy yoga pants (1),

tank tops

(2), sports bras (2),

Hair ties

You want to be comfy while laboring and after delivery, and it’s important to have clothes that make it easy for you to breastfeed. It’s not necessary to buy anything new for this part! Just bring your favorite comfy clothes for 2-3 days.

Granny panties + Pads:

Haynes 4-pack hipster panties


Maxi Pads

Last pregnancy, my water broke at home. I didn’t know that your water breaking isn’t a one-time event, but that you actually continue to leak… and leak… and leak! It’s NOT FUN. You can soak a towel on the car ride to the hospital or birth center, or you can just pack some granny panties and pads (or buy adult diapers). 

Nursing pads:

Lansinoh Nursing Pads,

I’m honestly not convinced that I’ll need these, but I had so many left over from last pregnancy that it didn’t hurt to slip some in my bag.

Shampoo + Conditioner + face wash: 

Devacurl No-Poo Original Cleanser,

Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Curl Defining Conditioner,

St. Ives Acne Control Face Scrub Apricot,


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara, Black,

wet n wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette 


wet n wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss, Rose Gold,

Mac Pro Longwear Fluidline (lowlights)


Nars #47 Angled Eyeliner Brush


 Botan Kabuki Brush 

Even though showering after a c-section was very difficult last go-around, I remember how great it felt to feel like a human being after having showered and put on makeup. For some women, this isn’t a priority, but for me, this is a must. Even after childbirth, I like to feel beautiful. Above are the bath and makeup products I’m bringing. 

Favorite Pillow:

Heavy cooling pillow

I have a favorite pillow that gives me the best night’s sleep at home. I’m definitely bringing this for comfort!

Birth plan

Bringing my birth plan is a MUST. I’m bringing two paper copies and a digital copies. I’m giving my husband the responsibility of explaining the plan to my nurses and doctor. 

Newborn Hospital Bag

Newborn Hospital Bag

For baby:


Bling Pacifier

We did not use a pacifier with my son, which I actually regret. I became his walking pacifier. This time around, I want to make sure my baby girl isn’t overeating! So she’ll have a cute bling paci. 

Milk Storage:


Lansinoh bags

I’m not sure if I’ll need these, but they’re good to bring just in case and you can easily slip them in a pocket of your bag. Last time, I had an 

oversupply of milk.

First Picture outfit:

Newborn Floral Receiving Blanket + Headband

For the ‘gram. 

Manual pump:

Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Pump

I’m bringing this to catch milk from the other breast while I nurse on one side. I don’t want to waste a drop! This is also small and easy to pack.

Going home outfit:

Floral Newborn Gown

For my own happiness. 

Nursing Pillow:

Boppy pillow

Gosh, using a pillow to nurse with a little bitty newborn was HUGE last time! When my son was just days old, it was imperative to have something to help prop him up while he was eating. I used the poppy for the first month of his life, so I’ll definitely bring the boppy to the hospital! Obviously, it won’t fit in my bag, so we’ll just pack it in the trunk. 

Nursing Cover:

Milk Snob Carseat + Nursing Cover

I prefer nursing with a cover when company is visiting. This is the one I’m packing!


Gerber 3-pack Longsleeve onesies

I probably won’t use these, but they’re good to have just in case!

For daddy: 

For Daddy Hospital Bag

For Daddy Hospital Bag


Change of clothes (x3), Pajamas


Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and bedding

Michael is going to be sleeping in the room with me, so he’s bringing some bedding of his own from this time. 


David All Natural Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds

They’re his favorite snack! These are mostly to keep him happy while I’m in labor. It’s easy to snack on these while doing other things… like helping me get through contractions!


MacBook + MacBook charger;

extra-long iPhone charger



, Vacuum sound app

There can be a lot of “down time” after labor when guests aren’t over. All of our apple products should keep Michael preoccupied during the slow moments. Additionally, using the vacuum sound app helps newborns sleep. Worked like a charm the first time! 


Nikon D3200 Digital DSLR Camera 


SD card


Camera battery,

Nikon camera battery charger

We have a photographer coming in to capture some moments in the hospital; however, we’ll likely take the very first pictures of our sweet Lily Blair with our own camera before she arrives. Michael is in charge of all of the equipment!

Hospital forms/ID + Copy of Birth Plan

No explanation needed!

I hope that this blog was helpful to you! Be sure to share, pin, save, and leave a comment!xoxo,Amanda Pittman

  1. Antoinette Irizarry-Graves says:

    This is an amazing list Amanda! Thank you for sharing. I never heard of a birth plan until now. Do you get that paperwork notarized to make it a legal document?

  2. Leila Watson says:

    Love you and your family wishing you guys a happy Holiday!!!

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