Equipping you to stand CONFIDENTLY upon the finished work of Jesus.

The Confident
Woman Podcast

Episode 023

Confident Woman Podcast with Amanda Pittman

Looking for clarity in your CALLING + CONFIDENCE IN YOUR IDENTITY?
This is your ALL-IN-ONE podcast.


The episode “Meet yourself with Compassion instead of Criticism” is exactly what I needed.

Amanda guides us through talking with Jesus, and I think it’s so great! THANK YOU so much for this ministry! God is doing great things through YOU Amanda!

Just what I needed 💚


Amanda is truly one of my favorite people and I am so honored to be connected to her and the confident woman ministry please listen to her you will not be led astray!!!



OH MY DAYS! I'm genuinely speechless and shocked. It is so easy to see Amanda and believe that she's never been through anything "deep" but my God have I been convinced about judging a book by its cover. Amanda's testimony is deep and raw and uncoached and unfiltered and I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing it! Thank you for following  the Holy Spirit! THANK YO THANK YO THANK YOU!!! It has certainly blessed me. 


Carmen Alicea

Since the moment I have met Amanda through one of her mentoring cohorts, I have been truly blessed by her transparency and genuine heart. She is a true testament of what it is to pour from overflow. I’m thankful for your leadership, guidance and continual obedience in Him. XO


My life's mission is to help women establish their confidence in Christ...

...because Christian women should be the most confident women in the world. 

Music teacher turned preacher, cool mom, podcast host, and expert cuddler.

amanda pittman